Frank Francis
Owner & Technician


State License #7543

Trails End Plumbing Services, LLC, is a full-service plumbing contractor.

We offer repairs, service calls and installation for any plumbing need. Call us with your emergency or to receive a free estimate on any plumbing need you have.

Special Senior and Church Discounts Available Upon Request

We Offer:

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Drain Cleaning
We can take care of your clogs with our drain cleaning equipment, repair leaks or do a complete piping replacement.
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Water Pipe Installation
We can repair leaking water lines, replace old pipes or do a complete new installation.
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Gas Piping Installation
We can find and repair leaking gas lines, replace existing gas lines or do a complete new installation.
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Water Heater Repair & Replacement
We can diagnose problems with your existing water heater or we can replace it with a new energy-efficient model.
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Toilet Repair & Replacement
We service all brands and styles or we can replace your toilet with a new, water-conserving model.
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Faucet Repair & Replacement
We service all brands and styles or we can replace your faucet with a new one.
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Outdoor Faucet Repair & Replacement
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Slab Leak Repair
We can repair your leak or do a complete piping replacement overhead.
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Garbage Disposal Replacement
We can replace your old disposer with a new InSinkErator model.
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Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling
We can do everything from replacing and relocating the existing drain and water piping to providing and installing brand new faucets and fixtures.
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Plumbing Remodel - Commercial Work
Including tenant build-out work
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Shower Pan Replacement
We can test your existing shower pan for leaks and replace it if necessary.
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Sewer Camera
With a sewer camera you can pinpoint the exact problem and location, to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and estimate. This also helps avoid unnecessary destruction to your property.